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    Mar 13

    Save a horse, ride a cowboy? Uh, OK? How much can this cowboy fit in his saddle?

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    19 hours ago

    We're in iTunes, subscribe today! Make your friends subscribe! Subscriptions, REALLY help the show get heard by new listeners!

    , , and 3 others
  3. 20 hours ago
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    23 hours ago
  5. 24 hours ago

    I'm playing video games with at 2:30. So watch that! If you wanna see me and play Arms.

  6. Jun 19

    Having a thoughtful debate with

  7. Jun 19

    Winning at improv games is for losers.

  8. Jun 18
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    Jun 16

    This senator calls out Trump's health secretary on the GOP's secret health care bill

    Sen. Merkley Presses Health Sec. Price on Secret Health Care Bill
    Trump's health secretary couldn't respond.
  10. Jun 18

    If you've got two toddlers, and a double wide stroller, do society a favor, pick a kid, kill it, buy a regular stroller.

  11. Jun 17

    Went to the gym for the first time in a while and did so many squats I can't walk right.

  12. Jun 16

    It's official, we're in iTunes, and Ross Buran left a review two days ago? How did he do it so fast? That's awesom…

  13. Jun 16
  14. Jun 14
  15. Jun 12

    Jared Kushner is slinderman, in human disguise.

  16. Jun 9

    Politics are so fucked up right now that Green Day can't even save us.

  17. Jun 9
  18. Jun 9
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    Jun 8
    Replying to
  20. Jun 6

    "It's not the dog in the fight, it's the fight in the dog," is a phrase we use to encourage each other to think like felon dog fighters.

  21. Jun 6

    God I love this.

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