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    19 Jun 2016

    First person to legally change their name by adding "OFFICIAL" to the end wins! Also it's me, I win. Suck a butt, Nick Gligor OFFICIAL

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    Jun 19

    NEW episode is here with our guest 's own ! We talk "TWIN MAGIC"! Give it a listen now:

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  3. Jun 14

    I'm currently obsessed with the "One Thicc Bih" meme & then gave me the greatest gift of all time

  4. Jun 14

    WrestleHeads! Please check out this week's with our awesome guest . I LOSE MY MIND over 's rating!

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    Jun 14
    Replying to and


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    Jun 12

    New ep is here w/ our guest 's own ! We talk Steamboat/Savage at WrestleMania III! 🔊:

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  7. Jun 10

    RIP Adam West, one of my earliest on-screen heroes. Thanks for all the laughs over the years! 🦇 🏄

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    Jun 10

    Watch Conan O'Brien and Robert Smigel's legendary Adam West-starring detective parody Lookwell 

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    Jun 10

    Our beloved AW passed away last night. He was the greatest. We'll miss him like crazy. We know you'll miss him too - West Family

  10. Jun 8
  11. Jun 7

    App pitch: Snapchat filters, but, they're for ham

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    Jun 7

    Don't forget to check out this week's ep w/ our guest ! We watched & discuss the 2012 GLOW documentary! 🔊:

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  13. Jun 6

    CONFESSION: Every Tuesday night I drive my Camaro thru the hallways of my high school while blasting "Summer of 69" just to feel alive again

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    Jun 5

    This week, the boys welcome 's to the show to talk all about the 2012 G.L.O.W. Documentary! 🔊:

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  15. Jun 5

    Listen to me sing the theme song a new Speed Racer parody called ROAD RAGER, written by !

  16. Jun 2

    So I'm all caught up on The Return now and I'm REEEAAALLLLLY digging just about everything so far - this includes Wally Brando

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    Jun 1

    Have you heard this week's ep w/ yet? We talk the Undertaker's obsession with Stephanie McMahon! LISTEN:

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  18. Jun 1

    Wake me up when covfefe ends

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    May 30
  20. May 30

    I just saw a dude sitting in a Rolls Royce convertible in the drive-thru & I've never felt more inspired than in this moment 🚘🎩🍔🍟

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    May 28

    Wonder Woman is so unfair and sexist, we deserve a Wonderwoman man.

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