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Angel Of Mine

Gallivanting around town just grateful to here.

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Dedicated to...


Woke up singing.


If you listen to music on Spotify, there’s a small thing you can do that will be a big help to me: FOLLOW me there!

Once I get to 250 followers, Spotify will “verify” my account, which opens up some cool possibilities for my music, and I’ll also be able to keep you updated whenever I release new songs or playlists.

If you have a second, please click “follow” below. It really will be a huge help and I’ll send an immediate cyber hug in return. Thank you for supporting independe...nt art!!

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Melody Michalski, an artist on Spotify

Check out my new single "Blank Page" off my debut EP! Available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and more.…/alb…/subconscious-ep/id1154146903

Blank Page
Melody Michalski · Subconscious - EP
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Here's a little taste of what I get to do on the weekends. So incredibly grateful for my job and this band!

Just doing my job. So very grateful.

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New cover video up! I got inspired and wrote in a little original section at the end too. If you like my video, please be sure to "like" it on YouTube, leave a comment, and most importantly, SUBSCRIBE! Also, why not share with someone you consider to be your earth angel? Much love!

Add your favorite track off of my EP to one of your playlists! Then comment below and tell me which one you picked!

Subconscious, an album by Melody Michalski on Spotify

New cover video up!! Vocal rest = finally learning that beautiful piano piece I've been wanting to learn. There's always an up side, people! Hope you enjoy. It will make for a wonderful lullaby tonight.

Please be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel, like, and comment! Much love!

One of my favorite Dustin O'Halloran pieces! I can sing too! And write songs! See below. :) Website - iTunes - https://itunes....

Mailing out some EP's tomorrow! Let me know if you want one! Details below!!

Melody Hope Michalski
January 24

A lot of people have been asking how they can go about buying my Subconscious EP, so I wanted to give you all the low down! First of all, thank you so much to e...veryone who is interested in purchasing a physical copy of my very first CD! It is such an exciting feeling having these songs in a complete package that you can actually hold! You know, like books or records or printed out pictures. Anyway, I spent a year in the studio experimenting and coproducing my songs with my partner Travis Ference and it was such a wonderful, creative experience to be able to take my time and produce my songs that began with only my voice and a piano. I've learned a lot during this process and I love continuing to develop as an artist.

So for those of you who are not in LA, especially the many hometown folks in South Carolina, simply direct message or email me your home address and I will mail you a copy! I'm charging $5.00 for the CD and $2.00 for shipping, so you can send a grand total of $7.00 to either my PayPal ( or you can link up with me on the Venmo app. That simple!

If you are a Los Angeles friend, we can just meet up and grab a meal or coffee, especially if I haven't seen you in a while, or I will be selling them at my next upcoming live show! To stay in the loop with when that will be, I recommend that you "like" my artist Facebook page Melody Michalski to be in the know.

Thank you all for your support and shared excitement with me!!

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New cover video is up! Check out my arrangement of Just Friends by one of my favorite artists, Musiq Soulchild. You may notice a little mash up in there too. If you like it, please be sure to comment, like, and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel and SHARE with your friends! Thank you for the love and support!! #independentartist #share #showyoursupport

My, life was made today. I covered a song and the actual band that wrote and recorded the song liked my cover so much that they shared it with their fans. Really grateful for their kindness. Thank you, Flobots!!!

Why not use our powers for good? by Melody Michalski

Jamie Laurie of Flobots stated that this song is about "the idea that we have so much incredible potential as human beings to be destructive or to be creativ...