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    12 Nov 2016

    When the judge says he doesn't want to ruin your college experience

  2. 12 hours ago

    Would you rather have a ton of blankets on a glacier, or a swim suit on a volcano?

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    Jun 19

    This , we celebrate emancipation and remember those who have fought for freedom. We must continue their work.

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    23 hours ago

    The Cavaliers, per league sources, have been working today on assembling multi-team trade scenarios to try to acquire Chicago's Jimmy Butler

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    Jun 18

    Trying to sleep when it's hot

  6. Jun 18

    My nose is so stopped up I can't even taste the various flavors of my Burger King onion rings.

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    Jun 18

    One of the coolest father and son moments in sports. Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. hit back to back home runs.

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  8. Jun 18

    Hey how come when I fart when I'm sitting down it feels like a bubble so I have to lift up a bit, but theres no actual bubble?

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    Jun 18

    Happy Father's Day!

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    Jun 17

    A licensed gun owner who did everything right was killed by a cop, who later got away with it. And the right is protesting Shakespeare.

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    Jun 18

    Shaq was a savage on the court

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  12. Jun 18

    Have y'all seen La La Land?

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    Jun 17

    Fun idea: every of age black and brown person in America should apply for a gun permit/concealed carry permit this year.

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    Jun 16
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    Jun 17

    me and my boo in 2030 blasting fireflies asking the youngins "what yall know about this?"

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    Jun 16

    I'm tired of the stress that comes with being black in America. I'm tired of this world.

  17. Jun 15
  18. Retweeted
    Jun 13

    One of LeBron"s many lasting legacies is going to be the absurd thing Golden State had to build to end him.

  19. Jun 14
  20. Retweeted
    Jun 14

    Y'all better wake up and tell me why this infused with the most swag of the century.

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    Jun 14

    My thought on more than half of my FB friends: I hope to never talk to you again, but I will watch your every move for the rest of my life

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